The Offworld Teaser Trailer is here. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts...


Co-writer, co-director, all co-p. Terry Cooper has an update for us, and what an update it is!


With the cockpit/bridge shots behind us, the dauntless Team Offworld find ourselves in possession of a rather swanky looking spaceship set. And, a bit like when Han lost the Falcon to Lando, it can be yours.


Science says I am no more than seven steps from Kevin Bacon. Science also says I am probably no more than ten feet from a rat whenever I'm in London. Life, like writing, is full of strange connections.


The main OffWorld shoot begins today.

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It's my birthday today. For a lot of writers (or at least a lot of the writers I know), birthdays are a time when you take a look at what you've achieved so far in your writing career and what you've got coming up. It can be a bit of a maudlin affair in some instances.


Today the first scenes from my first ever feature film will be shot. Today it feels official - I am a screen writer.

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A lot of writers ignore the weather. It's sunny when things are good. It always rains at funerals. These old tricks are sometimes considered a part of "The Pathetic Fallacy".  But weather counts, and when you're screenwriting for outside shoots it's more than just mood.


Today was the first Offworld "Round Table Read" - that moment when all the actors have had the script for a little while but are now in the same place at the same time for the first time and start reading out their lines.


This week, I took on my first task as co-screenwriter of OffWorld - writing small introductory speeches for each of the actors to record, in character, to be shared on the Kickstarter page.