In my earlier article about Kickstarter and VAT, I highlighted the need for anyone running a crowdfunding campaign in or from the UK to be mindful of their exposure to VAT and other taxes.


Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist, anthropologist, or even much of a proper scientist (computer scientists don't count, ology or not). I am a monkey with a magic typewriter that makes my words appear on your screen. Read on.

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Hot on the heels of my article on why Kickstarter, and all other crowdfunding platforms, need to take a role in protecting the investment of project backers, another very high profile project has gone kaput.

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There is no guarantee that people that post projects on ButterStarter will deliver on their projects, use the money to implement their projects, or that the completed projects will meet backers' expectations.


So far, 0% funded on the IndieGoGo campaign. So, what have we learnt?


Today, I wanted to spend my lunch time exploring Storium.