If you're a regular visitor to my site you will no doubt have noticed that things have changed a little today.


After another few hours of hacking, and I think Authorsite is starting to really take shape. It's still monochromatic, it still has lots of widget areas, and it is slowly developing a sort of "newsprint" look that I personally really like.


More changes to Authorsite today as a I chase down the "perfect" super-flexible, minimalist, monochromatic theme for writers and authors on Wordpress.


True to my word, I've been working on a new Wordpress theme specifically tailored to writers who want a flexible writing workspace with enough features to help them promote and sell their books.


Wordpress is the de-facto standard for writers who want to set up a website to publicise their work. It's such an important part of the eco-system for writers that I use it even though I run a business that has its own content management platform!