Novlr is a relatively "new kid on the block" as novel writing software goes. I've been tracking it for a while, watching the feature list expand and dipping in for a free trial from time to time. This month, I signed up for the pay-monthly package. As endorsements go, I suppose that's the best one that I can give.

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My new Wordpress theme, polymath, is very close to completion.


Finding the right theme for your Wordpress site is hard.


If you've been keeping up with the evolution of the Polymath theme, you might have noticed that things have gone a little.. blue. (Or, if you're catching up late, then there's a good chance that the blog has changed to a different colour entirely... being mercurial is a part of my alleged charm).


I like using Wordpress post formats, especially for embedding audio and video. However, what I don't like is that the only way to get the video, audio, or other piece of embedded media to show on your homepage and category pages is to output the entire content of the post.


There are currently three versions of Bubble available.


Even if you're not planning to do much CSS on your Wordpress site, chances are you might need to tweak something.


If you're a regular visitor to my site you will no doubt have noticed that things have changed a little today.


Here's a template to quickly add Blake Snyder's Save the Cat story structure to a Todoist project.


True to my word, I've been working on a new Wordpress theme specifically tailored to writers who want a flexible writing workspace with enough features to help them promote and sell their books.


More changes to Authorsite today as a I chase down the "perfect" super-flexible, minimalist, monochromatic theme for writers and authors on Wordpress.


After another few hours of hacking, and I think Authorsite is starting to really take shape. It's still monochromatic, it still has lots of widget areas, and it is slowly developing a sort of "newsprint" look that I personally really like.


A lot of writers have day jobs. We don't talk about them much. They ruin the glamourous image people have of us - lurking in coffee shops, sucking up the wifi, using all the plugs, and making one small cup of tea last an eternity.  Personally I'm lucky in that I not only have a day job that I love, but it's also a day job that lets me use my creativity every day. I make my living with words, they just aren't always about superheroes or ghosts or robot-dinosaurs.


Tell me if any of these things have ever happened to you...


Todoist allows you to use an existing project as a template - saving the project out to a CSV file that can then be re-imported.


iCalify creates project-specific iCal feeds for your Todoist projects


Wordpress is the de-facto standard for writers who want to set up a website to publicise their work. It's such an important part of the eco-system for writers that I use it even though I run a business that has its own content management platform!

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