It's my birthday today. For a lot of writers (or at least a lot of the writers I know), birthdays are a time when you take a look at what you've achieved so far in your writing career and what you've got coming up. It can be a bit of a maudlin affair in some instances.


Today the first scenes from my first ever feature film will be shot. Today it feels official - I am a screen writer.

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Last year (2016) I ran a two day writing challenge called "IronWriter" to raise money for Autumn Star. I spent two days writing random short stories (OK, some very short) and asking people to put money in a jar to take them away with them. Think of it like "story busking" ... or something.


The received wisdom in self-publishing circles is that the best way to build your eBook sales is to build your "platform". In other words, you need to market yourself. You need to create your brand.


Hello Everyone.


Following on from my successful collaboration with Terry Cooper on The Black Room, I have signed to work with Terry yet again as co-writer for the OffWorld screenplay. OffWorld is a science fiction feature film being made in Wales that has already had a successful crowd-funding campaign, raising more than double its target in just 15 days (and with 15 days still to go as I write this).


Day One of Comic Con Cymru, and #ironwriter, are behind me.

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The Sunday of any two-day weekend convention is always quieter than the Saturday; some people go home and the crowd you do get on a Sunday contains a lot of people who were there on Saturday.

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